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Popular Nigerian actress kicks the bucket



The Nollywood entertainment world has been tossed into grieving again over the abrupt passing of veteran actress, Stella Ikwuegbu.

Ikwuegbu kicked the bucket in the wake of combating with leg cancer for quite a while.

Her passing was affirmed by movie producer, Stanley Nwoko, also called Stanley Ontop, through a post on his Instagram page.

As indicated by him, the veteran actress passed on Sunday, sixteenth June.

“Popular Nollywood actress/veteran Mrs stella ikwuegbu is dead.

“The veteran Actress left this world today after battling with Leg cancer. Rest well madam Stella.

“Nollywood not again.

“It’s well.

Shalom!,” he wrote

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Why I feels more beautiful than ever- DJ Cuppy explains



DJ Cuppy, the well known disk jockey, shared her contemplations on her newly discovered beauty and her spiritual journey.

On platform X, the billionaire beneficiary, who as of late went through baptisim, uncovered that she feels more gorgeous than any other time.

She stressed that her inner beauty has bloomed through embracing her faith, instructing her that genuine beauty extends beyond actual appearance. It incorporates inner peace, purpose, and self-value.

In her words:

“I’m the most beautiful I’ve ever been! Why? Because God made me see that true beauty comes from within… By embracing my faith, I’ve realised that being beautiful is actually about inner peace, purpose, and self worth, not just appearances. My spiritual glow is now so bright,that it radiates outward ✨”

Check out some reactions that followed…
Sim stated: “How women quickly run back to God after their dream spec man isn’t coming forth after so many failed relationships is funny.”

kckingson said: “When it comes to women, there is no inner beauty, self worth or inner peace outside marriage. Marriage remains their greatest achievements.”

Official_Miondo said: “The most beautiful is Single and 30s no partner I like as God share problem give everyone both the rich and the poor”

Luckystar2020 asked: “Okay ooo but to find husband Dey hard you ??”

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Popular Yoruba actress, Aunty Ramota reportedly in ‘coma’ after BBL surgery



Famous Yoruba actress and comedian, Ramota Adetu, prominently known as ‘Aunty Ramota’, is said to have fallen into a coma following a Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery she went through in an hospital in Ikorodu on Saturday, June 8.

A blogger, Tosin Silverdam, in a post on Instagram guaranteed that Aunty Ramota had gone through the BBL medical procedure to improve her appearance.

Tosin said the method experienced confusions, bringing about her ongoing torpid state.

“Aunty Ramota slipped into a coma on Saturday, June 8th, subsequent to her BBL surgery at a hospital in Ikorodu, Lagos State, due to surgical complications,” Tosin said.

“Aunt Ramota slipped into a state of coma on Saturday, June 8th, resulting to her BBL surgery at a clinic in Ikorodu, Lagos State, because of surgical complications,” Tosin said.

In response to the news, popular actress Toyin Lawani commented, “It’s a skit, forget. I’m not even falling for this. I’m just imagining how it will look on her legs. I know it’s a joke though. No doctor will do that to her; they would be jailed. It’s not ethical because of her condition.”

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Billionaire E-Money Vows to punish women who accused him of affair with Junior Pope’s widow



Mogul E-Money has called the general public to fish out two ladies who asserted that he was sleelping with late Actor Junior Pope’s wife so he can deal with them.

Amidst grieving the loss of actor Junior Pope, business mogul Emeka Okonkwo otherwise known as E-Money has given a harsh warning against people spreading misleading and harming information about his relationship with Pope’s wife.

The businessman communicated profound disapointment and outrage regarding the bits of hearsay, portraying them as insolent and disrespectful to the lamenting family.

He clarified that he wouldn’t endure the way of behaving and was focused on recognizing and considering responsible those answerable for spreading these vindictive untruths.

He likewise gave an admonition to bloggers and news sources that have been dispersing the misleading information without legitimate examination, underlining that they also will confront results.

He further engaged the general public for help with distinguishing the people behind the reports. Review that two ladies had come online to suggest that the businessman is having an unsanctioned romance with the late actor’s wife and that he might have contributed to the actor’s demise.

Recall that E-Money promised to adopt Pope’s children as his own and take care of them with assistance from his family and others.

E-Money wrote:

“It has come to my attention that some individuals are spreading damaging and false information about my relationship with my late brother, Junior Pope, and his family during this difficult time of mourning. These actions show a complete lack of respect for the memory of the deceased and are deeply hurtful to our grieving family.

“I cannot fold my hands and allow this heinous act to continue without consequence. I am committed to identifying these unscrupulous individuals and ensuring they are held accountable. It is imperative that we clean up our social media space and let the law take its rightful course. Furthermore, bloggers disseminating this information without proper investigation and confirmation will also not be spared in this bid for justice.

“Anyone with credible information that can assist the authorities in apprehending these two women responsible for this malicious character assassination, should please come forward. Your help will not only bring justice but is highly appreciated. Enough is enough! Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time. Send me a DM”

Meanwhile, Junior Pope has been buried amidst tears in Enugu state.

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