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Embrace African natural hair, expert urges women



According to her, the book emphasises how embracing our African natural hair can enhance our beauty, boost our confidence, and showcase our unique identity.

Moreover, Ikpendu explained that celebrating our Afro hair is not just about aesthetics but is a way to reconnect with our heritage, adding that it allows us to celebrate our African hair, skin colour, fashion, commitments, strength, passion, resilience, culture, and the undeniable beauty that is inherent in our own kind.

She added that this celebration ultimately serves as a reminder of our roots and connection to African heritage, noting that the unique texture of African hair can be considered genetic, as it is rare among other ethnic groups and prevalent only among Africans. It is a precious trait that has been passed down from one generation to another, tying us to our ancestry and making it an integral part of our identity.

She said, “I have consistently for the past six years worn my natural hair. I am excited about it because it connects me to my root.

“It has also helped me to identify where I am coming from, which is my heritage.

“As a young girl, I had watched my parents show up boldly in their African hair. So, I decided to go back to my African hair after decades of wearing texturised hair.”

The convener further said that African hair (afro hair) was beautiful and could go in any form, adding that it was not expensive because it was a gift

“When you wear African hair, there are the handiest products within your reach that you can use conveniently and beautifully to manage your African hair.

“Part of my dream on African hair is to encourage African women to show up in their identity.

“I want them to be confident in who they are; the colonial era tried to sell to us who we are not, resulting in identity situations and crises.

“The reason why I want to reach out to women is because I have seen young and older women embrace their identity in the way I showed up,” she added.

She went on to say that moisturising hair with simple clear water, spraying the water on your hair and comb, goes a long way in making your natural hair beautiful.

Ikpendu further explained that encouraging the local manufacturers of healthy organic beauty products was not a bad idea, as long as they used the right formulation.

“There are a lot of hair vendors with their different formulations. My advice is that their formulation should not inconvenience people’s hair.

”Maintaining your African hair is not costly because simple palm kernel oil, as well as simple baby shampoo, can take you far in the journey of moisturising your hair. You do not need any chemicals,” she added.

Speaking also at the event, the Book Reviewer, Dr Adebayo Okeowo, took the opportunity to express his admiration for the convener’s inspiring journey of embracing her own identity through her hair. He acknowledged that in the past, this act was often discouraged and looked down upon.

Dr Okeowo further highlighted that hair plays a significant role in identifying individuals in various countries across the globe. Unfortunately, it is also a sad reality that people often face discrimination based on the type of hair they choose to wear.

He said, “For the convener to come up with such an initiative that will inspire women on the need to wear African hair as well as promoting our African hair positively, it is a great development”.

Also speaking, the spouse of the convener Jasper Ikpendu, took a moment to express his gratitude towards his wife for venturing into a less common territory with the intention of reshaping the prevailing narrative.

Ikpendu emphasised the significance of the convener’s Afro-Kinky hair journey in bringing about a positive transformation in societal perceptions.

“Jacquelyn has broken the genre by making people know that you can have your own personal brand, as well as being a brand to yourself.

“She has made us know that you can create your own identity and make your identity sell beyond your centre of influence,” he said.

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Iconic Whisky Brand, The Macallan unveils Classic Cut 2023 release in Lagos



The Macallan, world’s most revered single malt Scotch whisky, unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 limited edition of the Classic Cut in an exclusive event held in Lagos, Nigeria.

In a prestigious collaboration with renowned Nigerian fashion designer Mai Atafo, The Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition made its debut at ATAFO Studio in the city of Lagos on May 12, 2024.

The unveiling event celebrated the union of The Macallan’s exceptional whisky-making craftsmanship and ATAFO’s signature aesthetic, creating a truly immersive and luxurious experience for the distinguished guests in attendance.

“We are thrilled to bring The Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition to Nigeria, a market that appreciates the finer things in life,”said Hammed Adebiyi, the Brand Manager, Edrington Portfolio, Nigeria. “This limited edition represents the pinnacle of our whisky-making art, meticulously crafted to delight the senses of the most discerning whisky enthusiasts,” he said.

The Classic Cut is an embodiment of The Macallan’s uncompromising commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It is inspired by the whisky’s unique tasting notes, while the addition of ‘one cut’ of water opens a new, sensorial world from pear to almond biscotti. This high-strength release demonstrates The Macallan’s ongoing quest to seek out the extraordinary.

The Macallan curated a bespoke experience for the launch event, seamlessly blending the worlds of fashion and whisky in a truly captivating manner. Guests were treated to an immersive journey, where they could appreciate the artistry and attention to detail that goes into crafting each limited-edition bottle. The Macallan Double Cask 15-Year-old and the Macallan Double Cask 18-year-old perfectly complemented the luxurious and sophisticated event. The Macallan Classic Cut 2023 also added an elegant touch with its rich flavours and aromas when unveiled.

“It is an honour to collaborate with The Macallan, a brand that shares our unwavering commitment to excellence and craftsmanship,”said Mai Atafo. “The Classic Cut 2023 Edition is a true masterpiece, and we are proud to have created an unforgettable experience that celebrates the best of Nigerian and Scottish heritage.”

The Macallan is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year with a series of meticulously selected activities across the world. Two centuries have passed since Alexander Reid distilled the first batch of whisky in his curiously small stills and began the extraordinary legacy of The Macallan. It has been described as a celebration of time travel – explored through five themes: Incomparable; Creativity, Craftsmanship, Legacy and Sustainability.


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Ayra Starr’s music videos are where her style truly shines



While Ayra Starr is beating the Afropop scene at this moment, her style game is a similarly splendid star in her profession. In music recordings, we see her imaginative articulation through style development and a pledge to going with strong design decisions. We should take an excursion through a portion of her most notorious looks from every year!

“Bloody Samaritan”, 2021


Ayra Starr’s breakout braids, the memorable red pick-and-drop hairstyle, became a signature look that fans instantly recognised and adored. She wore the full puff and slightly defined curls as a crown, one to say, “I have arrived and I’m here to stay!”

In “Beggie Beggie,” Ayra Starr introduced a playful and daring fashion choice with her butterfly bra top by Eniyan – this standout piece showed her growing comfort and confidence. The top’s bold design added a whimsical touch to the video, expressing her unique sense of style.

“Ase” for @colorsxstudios, 2022

During her performance of “Ase” on @colorsxstudios, Ayra Starr’s choice of vibrant makeup became the focal point. With bold, colourful eye makeup by Meraki By Onome, she embraced a playful and artistic look that perfectly complemented her hot pink outfit, making her stand out as a dynamic and confident performer.

“Rush”, 2022


In the “Rush” music video, Ayra Starr switched things up with her hairstyle, opting for a blonde wig. This bold change symbolised a new, fun-loving phase in her career, proving that she could effortlessly pull off a variety of looks while keeping her distinctive edge.

“Sability”, 2023

Ayra Starr’s use of accessories in the “Sability” music video added a dreamy yet powerful touch to her look. She paired her outfit with butterfly-themed jewellery, including delicate and bold earrings and a necklace; the gold gele highlighted her playful and youthful spirit, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the video.

“Girl Next Door” with Tyla, 2023


For “Girl Next Door,” Ayra Starr’s use of crochet fashion stood out. She wore a crochet two-piece crop top and short skirt designed by Julie Colquitt, showcasing her ability to blend comfort with style. This unique choice of material added a bohemian and carefree vibe to the video, making it the perfect summer vibe.

“Rhythm & Blue”, 2024


In “Rhythm & Blue,” Ayra Starr’s high-fashion statement came through with her choice of designer pieces. Styled by Yanderejan, her first look featured a watch skirt handmade by Sseida Studios. This inventive and artistic garment highlighted her willingness to push fashion boundaries and embrace avant-garde styles.

“Last Heartbreak Song”, 2024


In her latest music video for “Last Heartbreak Song”, Ayra Starr wore a full custom two-piece by Dahl Designs, featuring a yellow crop top and a rose petal skirt. This outfit’s standout element was its romantic and whimsical design, reflecting the emotional depth of the song and showcasing her ability to blend fashion with narrative storytelling.

From bold and edgy to playful and chic, Ayra Starr has proven that there is no aesthetic she can’t pull off, her fans are inspired and so are we!


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‘I thought fashion design was for poor people, I wanted to be a doctor’- Veekee James



Here’s Veekee James’ story before she became known as the queen of corsets.”

VeeKee James, a Nigerian fashion designer, recently earned a spot on CNN’s Rising Voices, a show about exceptional Africans, after-dressing stars at the AMVCAs (Africa Movie Viewers’ Choice Awards). Her story, alongside that of designer Andrea Iyamah, who opened a store in New York City, resonated with viewers.

VeeKee’s journey began in Ajegunle, a disadvantaged area of Lagos. Witnessing girls becoming mothers and boys struggling with drug addiction deeply affected her. Her horizons opened when she went to Akwa Ibom for a university education. She started makeup and hairstyling in school, but it took all of her time, so she barely had any time for school. Ultimately, she had to drop out of school and return home.

Originally, VeeKee aspired to be a medical doctor. She never wanted to be a fashion designer, and seeing her mother, a fashion designer, struggle financially discouraged her from the field. “All the tailors I knew were poor,” she said.

Despite these reservations, VeeKee started designing clothes in her mother’s living room. A lucky break came when Tomike Adeoye, a friend who was a popular influencer with a loyal community, started wearing and promoting VeeKee’s designs. That was how she became an industry name.

VeeKee takes pride in having dressed celebrities like Osas Ighodaro, Bonang Matheba,and Jackie Aina. While her designs might start at one million Naira, VeeKee says this is just the beginning. Her journey is far from over, and she’s determined to reach even greater heights.

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